Public Collections
Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts - Montgomery, AL
“Golda Finch and the Starling Darlings” (sculptural vessel) 2013

Wiregrass Museum of Art - Dothan, Alabama
"Beauty School Dropout" (chair) 2013

Tennessee Valley Museum of Art - Tuscumbia, Alabama
"Kiss & Tail" (sculptural box) 2010

Huntsville Museum of Art - Huntsville, Alabama
"Clown Princess" (chair) 2000

Mobile Museum of Art - Mobile, Alabama
"Wanda the Wonder Woman" (table) 1995
"Afishionado" (table) 1996
"Beaunanza" (chair) 1997
"Here for the View" (sculptural vessel) 2002

Leepa-Rattner Museum of Art - Tarpon Springs, Florida
"Beaux Mondes, Deux" (chair) 1997
"Liptone #4" (box) 2000

Arts Council of Huntsville - Huntsville, Alabama
"Miss Lily, I Love Your Legs" (table) 1991
"Crab Louis XIV" (table) 1992

Gulf Shores Chamber of Commerce - Gulf Shores, Alabama
"Chairman of the Bird" (chair) 1994