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"Dale Lewis' spirited furniture combines an attitude of childlike playfulness with a mature appreciation for emphatic sensual form...and indeed his pieces transcend functionality to become inventive sculptural works in their own right."

-Peter Baldaia, Chief Curator - Huntsville Museum of Art; Huntsville, AL.


"Dale allows the material to serve as his voice...the quality of the color or grain may suggest a literal as well as a symbolic reference." "...The objects are transmitting to their viewer the artist's own sense of outlandish fun. In other words, a chair can be more than a thing to sit on, or it may be just that. Dale Lewis has discovered, apparently, quite intuitively something that many artists never learn; that one of art's chief virtues is its metaphorical versatility as it serves as a vehicle for ideas, feeling and opinions common to human experience."

-Margaret Lynn Ausfield, Curator of Painting and Sculpture - Montgomery Museum of Fine Art; Montgomery, AL


"Lewis conducts an ongoing and gratifying love affair with wood. For him, every piece has its personality that helps predict its use in his compositions. Any time there is an opportunity to see an entire gallery filled with pieces by Dale Lewis, do not walk but run to see it."

-James Nelson, Art Critic-The Birmingham News